Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Frothing milk

Secret Recipe's Cappuccino. 3/10 ( SOrry, I'm a strict judge!)
my 2 marks are given to ur effort on decorating the surface, and 1 mark to ur waiteress carry that cup for me.

Yes, i worked as a little not-so-qualified barister coffee maker before (yes, 7-6 yrs ago). That was the time I enjoyed making coffee-foam the most! U know, the steam nozzle? Yes, dip it in ur milk, and foam the thick milk froth for cup of niceee cappuccino. Then my manager, hA! I still rember him! he is Jason. Young chap graduated from London from Legal studies! he ! every time tested our milk-foam stability by putting a stirrer on the foam! If the foam manage to hold the stirrer without fall, then he will say okay Pass! Anyways.. I always make good milk froth bcuz he is a very smart good looking guy! I can't fail infront of a Hunk! ;D

er... I dunno what cake is this oredi. 6/10

Hey! Obviously this is good 7/10 - Classic Cheesecake! our C-Tiu-ZHai can't resist but eaten it b4 I snap! ( creamy , this was when u 2 not arrived yet, and he 'yan-mm-zhu' order & start eating oredi! )

HAHA! "A" says hey this looks like DUCK! after cut.! HAhahahha, poor curry chicken pie. I think " A" Must have scared of DUCK from food testing already! kan creamy?

Pawpaw , u see our C-Tiu-Zhai ! Fat already lah! haha! u better work out fast! so-to-impress us when u're back!

WE again


Creamster said...

OMG ... I look so damn ugly with specs, I don't like myself in glasses but "A" likes it. duh ...

Oh well, now I know why C-Tiu-Zhai put on so many weight these few months, he couldn't resist on any food. Remember how I seduce him with the Chicken Puff last night. hahaha ....

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

the 1st time i went to SR, i ordered 3 pieces of cake, all of which tasteless like air in cream. was so so diasppointed tt i've never been back. what perplexes me is how popular the place is, esp with the halal-eating folks.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...


Anonymous said...

creamy: HAHA! YA! 1st time we know him so long, we see he in fact so-beh-tahan with food in front of him oh!! hahahaha!! last time he was never like tt! always tell us, especially me to cut down on meals! now! U look at him!
Plus! tat nite he was so much cheer up compared to so many times we met up with hiiM! really!

terri: I Think I got what u meant! haha! when SR opens, i remember I got so excited & ate their banana chocolate + Tom yum! ARGH! full-disappointment! cannot compare with West M'sia standard! then slowly I changed to like their carrot cake + cheese cakes only . oour fren is working in SR now, she was telling us that all cheese cakes were 'flew-in' from kl everyday!! so I bet those cream-based must be locally made? haha!

much much love,

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