Sunday, May 11, 2008

Honeycomb cake for my Honey Mum

Dad : taste like Jello
Grandma : good, no stick on my teeth (mm chi nga)
(note: Hey I take this as a good comment, bcuz normally even she eats a bread, she will complain the bread is not probably bake, until stick on her teeth!! and will say the bread is
mum : hou sik
me: wow, what's more?? the taste is good! really like those sell in the shop ! only the texture that is not right. should be comb, not holes I supposed.
Before I baking this cake, I told 3 persons I m baking it. 2 come to me and wish me "Good Luck" Hey! How ironic! is that a real WISH or telling me it's really not easy ? yeah ppl did tell me it's not easy. If fact it's quite tiring+ stressful cake to make!
When I was creaming the butter, then add in tin of condensed milk, my godness! so panic ! I guess I over-creaming the butter, millions of curdle floating on top !!!! so I quickly do all the steps and put into oven and CLOSED MY EYES. cuz no eyes see oredi, knowing surely failed.
While the cake was baking, everyone in the house seem more panic than I !
mum : Ah Tng! ur cake burnt lah! quicky switch off the fire.
Dad: What is Ah Tng baking there, so dark one?
my godness..... are they city ppl or village ppl ? Didn't
they know that honeycomb cake is in dark colour one ???????
Hey, Thank you very much to karen's mum ! Thumps UP to ur recipe! hahah, The taste is really good!! & springy! & soft ( may be, any tips in cutting the cake? or any tips on making good combs ? instead of holes)
Honeycomb cake Myth
when I was young, mum always buy me this! then I will start making noise how come NO HONEY inside the cake one!!!!!!! then I always add-on 1 tsp of honey, spread on my cake and eat! bliss in my heart...)
Now Then I know, Honeycomb cake IS NOT made of Honey , is the texture that looks like honeycomb.
So just now my mum said, wahh!! u baking honeycomb cake, surely u used up my honey in the cabinet la...... ( Oh no.. another wrong concept)

Anyways, Happy Mother's Day ! I baked my 1st hand Honeycomb cake & bought a bouquet of cute flowers for her. I think she's happy! This is bcuz 1st time in 28 yrs, I bake her cake, instead of buying from the bakery shop.

Honeycomb recipe


Anonymous said...

Walao~~~Very Nice~~~ I wish I was there~~~

-Ah Yung

Anonymous said...

Hey Babe, i just told my mum about ur success. Her comment was to cut the cake at an angle rather than straight down, as the holes will turn out differently that way, more 'honey combed' i guess..?? Also she told me that she paid to learn this recipe in 1978. Talk about ancient!!


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

u did it; high 5! ur cake turned out more honeycomby than mine, u little devil!

Big Boys Oven said...

waluio! this is so nice and you are so ool!

Creamster said...

That's so sweet ... I'm sure your mum smiles from ear to ear!

Anyway, Belated Happy Mother's Day to your mum ...

Anonymous said...

ah yung: ha! I make Choco Moist cake next time u come back


terri: erm... I think I made bubble holes..


Cream: LOlz~ TQ babe


Anonymous said...

Hey! Y u can call Sylvia BABE in public, n i can't??? :'(

Anonymous said...

TT is bcuz OUR status is different !!!!! /slap /AH

Creamster said...

haha ... Karen, do not get jelez Babe!

Greg Wee said...

This honey comb looks gorgeous. well done!

Btw i am NEE i got to know your blog from wombok and terri.

Greg Wee said...

This honey comb looks gorgeous. well done!

Btw i am NEE i got to know your blog from wombok and terri.

Deanna said...

i tried yr honeycomb cake and what a success.i felt so proud bcos like you said tis cake can fail..not easy to make. yes, i cut it many holes..what a feeling! I DIDNT HV ENUF CONDENSEDMILK. SUBSTITUTED WITH 300ML OF EVAPORATED MILK.NOT SWEET.VERY SILKY AND NICE...KEEP POSTING NO FAIL RECIPES....WANNA SEE MY PIXS?

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

hey!! I'm glad u made it too!! hurray! ya pls show me ur pictures! what's ur site ?

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