Sunday, May 4, 2008

Honeycomb cake (Terri, as promised)

Finally here is the most wanted recipie and this is the only successful one that the holes appear on top. This cake must beat by machine - slow.

6 ozs butter
1 tin condensed milk
10 eggs

[B] - sieve all together
2 cups flour -
1 tsp baking powder
2 tsp bi-carbonate soda

2 cups sugar
2 cups water


1) Melt 12 ozs sugar (2 teacup) until brown than add the 2 tea cups of water. When sugar has melted, leave it aside to cool down.

2) Cream butter alone for 10 mins. Add condensed milk and continue to beat for a little while.

3) Break 10 eggs and stir a while and add into butter mixture little by little.

4) Add sugar syrup also little by little.

5) Turn machine to the lowest speed and sprinkle mixed flour bit by bit.

6) Bake for half an hour in hot oven, then on medium fire for 1 hour.

7) When serving cake, cut side ways so that the holes appear on top(surface).

There you go. Bon apetite

Karen: U are really my honey ! see I told u, 19th Capricorn is the best! AHhahaha, cuz closed to 17th~ hahhahahahhaa /hug /kiss madly Big Thank You to ur mummy kay.

Terri: This is the recipe that I got from my Brunei fren, whom her mum had a bakery shop. I wanted to try out this recipe so I can share our experiences here before I post out, but when i see 10 eggs!!! err... not now la , wait until my sis came back in June first, then will have more pigs to share with me in-da-house. ha!


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

kisskiss hughug denise! u r great! but wait--u didn't try it out?? i'll have to bake it n come back to u?? okay, no hughug until then, but still, thanks!

Kismet said...

wei wei, my mom recipe is almost the same as this, so no need to bring lah???

craziesexacool said...


hw come no picture leh!! How to sharpen ur photography skill???? :P

ohhh.. recipe only.. :(


Anonymous said...

Terri : haha! see la, may be I try it one day

Kismet: I received urs with many thanks!

Daphne: hey, 10 eggs ok! dont play play ! hahahha, If I can bake this recipe out, I will snap 100+ pics plus! hahahah ;p


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