Thursday, April 10, 2008

Take out CAR KEY also dunno.......

Quick! I m sure most of u feel like slap me hard!

I also cannot stand on it !!!!

After work, dad drove to Karamunsing, parked in front of the entrance, and asked me to wait in the car , while he went to buy some stuffs.
I waited in the car, so tempted to buy my ice-cream & Tapao my nasi-bryani! I m jsut very hungry. But! The car was still starting... (engine was still on)
So, my plan was
1. Turn off the car engine
2. Take out the car key
3. Lock the car & buy my food

so after I turned off the car engine.......... oh shit! how come the car key cannot take out one!!!!!! stucked at the hole!!! e I hate!!!!!!!!!!!! I Cannot get out of the car!!! I cannot take the Car key out!!!
so immediately
1. I call my mum at home, ask her how to take the car key out!!! (my godness...)

still I cannot take the car key out lah, I dare not to turn even a bit to left or right, I scared I accidently started the car, and how if it bang to front ? ;p
so I continued waiting inside the car........sooo hungry

When Dad's back, I asked him to wait for me in the car, I go and buy my nasi Bryani
Dad : Why just now U dont go buy ?
me: Because I Cannot take the CAR KEY OUT!
Dad: Diu! really FAN SU!

I 'm really speechless to myself! Can U all gimme some sympathy? taking a car key from a key-hole already caused me in a death-panic condition ! How to wheel the car and drive on road?

A girl without car licence


Anonymous said...

u need a good slap.... u want a fast or slow one??


ekeng said...

hahaha..You really "BIG POTATO"..But don't worry..i won't slap you..haha

Creamster said...

I prefer to give u a punch. Same question as karen, u want a fast or slow one?

Anyway, u gotta get over this. you have to learn driving my dear! At the end of the day, you still need to drive 'fan su'! Go learn lar, it isn't that hard anyway, driving is pretty fun!

lilblackdots said... that's palui!hahahhaha...

*Kylie* said...

o my gwad.....^^"

Tony Hii said...

Denise, take it as a challenge to get your driving licence in 2008!

Anonymous said...

Tu lah...Ask u learn how to drive also dun wan. Just twist anti-clock wise & Pull. Haizzz~~


Anonymous said...

kaz : gimme fast honey

ekeng : .....

cream : i m still lazy to learn

dots : sialan !!!! but really panic tat time la...sial

kylie : I also dunno what to say

Tony : err....

Ah Yung : now then u tell me, u know!! when I called mum, she yang sayd DO NOT do anti-clockwise, it will start the car wor!! u see she blur !! until i panic also!


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

haha Denise, i undertand. I'm a GOOD driver but i've been in the same situation b4 so i know. n i did feel very stupid, but u know, they make cars like tt to make ppl like us feel stupid. it's not our fault...

Ann said...

dear...aint it time to get your drivng license??

*Kylie* said...


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