Sunday, April 13, 2008

Good times

Thanks to ekeng for a very good scrumptious meal ! from land to ocean , all spread over the red cloth dining table ! our eyes were keep rolling each time the food is served & our jaws will start dropping. We were served with supersized meals & huge food. why huge ? look at the prawns & the fishes ... argh, see Terri's . Again, I think many thanks to your parents, ekeng.

"Wey", my little idol !! he is sooo cute ! when u look at his shyness, argh! It's killing man!! ;D

Anyways, He's a very polite boy ! I'm not polishing ur apple Terri, but he is really a well-mannered boy with good table manners too! ( HA! I been watching him whole nite though! he!)

seeing is believing .. now I understand How Terri loves Wey so much !

Nah, the "huge" prawn! I was Quite full after the prawn. really full. haha!

I think these pics are precious , especially with his smile I guess?

many many thanks to Terri , A really lovely & Sweet lingerie bags! & little bag. very comfortable when talking to u, seems like knowing u for yearss !

Ekeng...ekeng .. my 1st time to bite on macarons after seeing so many on blogs ~ Thanks for sharing BBO's Illy Coffee Macaron with Chocolat Hazelnut Ganache ! nice of u hah !


ekeng said...

Welcome Denise,it's nice to meeting you last night..Yeah,little wey are so cute..Hope we can have another blogger gathering soon :)

* The prawn really freaking me out..It's Huge..hahaha :)

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

it's a shock to c my own pic here...lucky it's small (ekeng, make sure u either don't put up my pic or if u do, make it small) n Wey was so excited ("What did she say, what did she say??")

yes, its amazing how natural it felt to meet u both for the first time w/o any awkwardness. i talked too much, as usual.n ekeng was SSSO generous. ok. i'll reserve my comments for my post. btw, my hub knows Ben's father :)

Big Boys Oven said...

Gosh! I wish I was there too, indulging that BIG PRAWN! Hope you like my bakes too!

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

ekeng : hA! I m lucky to have tasted a Huge Prawn!

Terri : u know! I din't want to post that pic in the 1st place, cuz I looked SO OMG in the pic, but again, if I dont put that, what's the purpose of meeting that night then! pls bare with me! hahahahHahahahaha ... we look at Inner-beAuty here! *Lolz*

Now I know, they 2 R business partners huH !hahaha, and I'm the project secretary

BBO : HEY! Do u know I'm longing for ur comment to this post?!? ;D
After eaten the Macaron, I'm planning to place some orders from U when I Go KL!!!! I'm Serious!!

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