Friday, April 18, 2008

Dinner with Celebrity

If I were asked to describe Terri with 1 word, I would say enthusiastic !

T : R u Free for dinner 2mrw nite?
D : Yeah sure ! provided u bring Wey along
T : I will not be brining Wey bc u all r to come to my hse for dinner

I was totally over-the-moon when we were cordially invited by the Celebrity . In fact I read my sms twice , just to make sure. Ha!!!!still can't figure out my excitement? just imagine if Hilary Clinton dated u out for dinner! ;D

We - Terri's family ,Ekeng, Oliver, Aunty Linda & Aurthur whom sniffed good food from Terri's Kitchen came to join us for dinner / supper ;D

Just a pic for u guys to imagine Where we dine ;p

We enjoyed Terri's parmesan cheese pork chop with tender tang of greens..& dragon fruit & mashed potato ....with sip of red wine + cool garden breeze from her beautiful yard...('',) A good recipe to try out. Make sure u give a good massage to ur pork chop !and nowWe are eating Terri's hand cells ! *LOLz* Is tat how I explain why the pork chop is nice? haha hit me hit me!

Pork is fragnant & crispy. I wud say it's still juicy sweet u know?! Though u say Vero....herm herm...haha!

Ha! Look at ekeng, trying to look Pro by scooping the mashed potato on plate!

Wong-Jiu Crab! Hey this is really good! I didnt get the recipe from her, as my hse hardly cook crab . I just aim for another chance to eat that~

While I was buzy gulping my food, I realisedTerri was missing from the table !

me : Wey, where's ur mum ?
wey : She's making pizza

Terri's hub (W) says " Terri makes the best pizza in town !" " I never eat pizza outside, I always eat at home" " You all are lucky to eat her pizza"

I 'm pretty sure the praise warm ur heart Terri ? and your pizzas do warm our stomach !

To Qualify the above W's statement, I give AAA+++ to ur pizza! Better than Little Italy in town for sure, very Aussie standard.

Also, her oven give a good help ! the base is really crisp ! the crust can tahan for 24 hours ! not biscuit-hard, but crispy-crispz!

Terri's Pizza Recipe (the pizza dough + the tips)

Anchovies Lap Chap ( HAHAHA, I was so innocent , I tot that's the name! I think U translated it into hakka is it?) If u guys want to know, ask terri !

We were waiting eagerly for the 2nd piz.....

Hawaiian pizza debuts !

I have free baking-lessons from terri too. I learnt Chocolate Molten Cake from Terri !!! Now I can make my own Self-Volcano Cake at home, no need to go for restaurant.

She served the Molten Chocolate cakes with 2 buckets of Vedablue ice-cream ! haha what's more??? We are walking home with blissful smile on face & heavy stomach ! haha! ThAnk You SO much Terri & W , u all are soo kind & lovely.

ok, enuff of snapping, my ice-cream is melting into the volcano ;D


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

what, equate me with the Dragon Lady? so W is like Bill Clinton??

i thoroughly enjoyed last night's company. W was a little shocked when i told him i'd invited u guys home for dinner ("Are u sure u want to do tt? u don't really know them!") but hey, look how he enjoyed himself too. n did u notice both my boys disappeared? they do tt everytime we have guests (n we agreed to not entertain since last month until Ming's exams r over in mid-June but u guys r the honorable exception).

u take very good pics, n thanks again for the company n the flowers :D
p.s just in case ppl wonder: the crabs were last minute addition bc a friend when to Tuaran and got us a bunch.

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

'went' to Tuaran

craziesexacool said...


I feel like kicking u la! HAhahahaha.. Terri personally invited u to dinner.. n yet u only took 1 pic of her?!?! n u posted the pic upside down.. i cudnt see her face la.. ;p but then, u r one lucky Egg!!! NV u.. esp.. that Choc Molten Cake.. looks sinfully delicious.. haiz....

Anonymous said...

Terri : I "wanted" to equate u with Princess Diana,
so Ming = Prince William
Wey = Prince Harry ! ;D

Daphne : hA! I was "Death" by the Choc Molten Cake ok! ;p

much much Luv,

Anonymous said...

tt still equates W to Prince Charles, who's long on the face, the nose, the head, the body, n a total wimp.:(


JACQ said...

OMG heavenly food!! Lucky u!

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