Saturday, April 19, 2008

Denise the Hermit Crab

me : Hey I think the 2 times met up with bloggers equivalent to my 1 year social activities !!!
Eddie: ya, hermit crab


Eddie gave me this article, and said that's how Hermit Crab defines a person. I think that's exactly or best describe the current ME , Denise.

Everyone in this earth whom actually know me will say what? U GO OUT ??? U ACTUALLY GO OUT FROM UR HOUSE ? Yes! I hate Socializ-ing . A very tired event for me ! I'm bias. I m not only a finicky eater, but also fussy/picky with choosing groups. In another words, I sometimes dont even go out with my very best own friends, HA! true or not monster cream??ok i dun wan to talk much, else ppl start throwing eggs on me!

I just prefer to stay at home, hang out with my own family or ground-ed myself in the Kitchen! Yes I love my Kitchen ! One day If I have my own house, my Kitchen is my 1st priority for major investment, 2nd would be my Washroom, then my bedroom. Why washroom ? HA! haha, share with u all next time.

yeah my kitchen, I can spend the whole day, from 8 am until NIGHT in the kitchen. but lately i found myself too much of activities in the kitchen and got myself so exausted & less resting.. and ended up with continuously 2 weeks fallen a sick. I was bascially fed myself with antibiotics & penicillin which was thoroughly got my body even worn-out. I m even more weak after the recovering stage ! sO i decided to take good rest for 4 weeks time without going-into kitchen.

and that shall explain why no food posts until further notice ;D


Anonymous said...

Aiyo... become a "zai ni" (home-sick girl) ah~

-Ah Yung ^.^(V) =peace!

Creamster said...

Well, I'm used to it already! And just for everyone's info, she has just turned down my date today, reason is Sunday afternoon 3pm is her most precious moment to go yam cha with her family at Lido!

Hermit CRAB!

craziesexacool said...

U gve me the impression that ur kitchen is ur love affair.. n all this time, i tot it was "him" (whoever that is).. HaHaHa! But i guess, it's worth it.. cuz food is owez better than sX huh? is it?? :P

So, what about 2mr? wont there be a post on 2mr's nite eating session ah? ;p it is about food post oso leh even tho' u r not cooking.. Heeee ;p

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