Thursday, April 24, 2008

Circle , Le Meridien

If there 's another time of this week I go Le Meridien again, I shall call myself meridien-ing here! eyeuewww !
Collqs having buffet, I 'm scared of over-eating lately. I been eating since monday until today! I mean eating good meal! and my tummy revealing good round shape too !

Grilled Salmon with apple & walnut sauce. Hey Terri! I just realised we ordered the same ! Is that the best item we can pick from the not-so-attractive menu? haha!

The fish is just okay la. Pan fried frozen salmon mah, normal la, just nice, I mean we can even do it at home too. I like the buttered Vege! hahaha, quite Sweet & tangy !

I worked in Hotel b4. I knew how the costing like. They usually marked up by at least 50% and above! and based on this plate of salmon, at least they earned 65% !! !!!

Salmon = $10 ( if u buy from supermarket, like Tong Hing, let say. If u buy from supplier? I think $7 also can !)
mixed vege (considering I only eat 2cm per each item) = $ 2
diced apples (also considering only few cubes on my plate) = 30 cents
walnuts ( also another 1 walnut break into pieces) = $ 1
butter & cooking oil = $ 2
gas = $2.70

Total cost = RM 18 nett
but hotel charges at RM 46 nett


Anonymous said...

HI denise,
it would be greatful if u can help me fill out my questionnaire on 5-star hotels in KK.. thanks..

Just copy paste the link into new web browser..thanks again


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

u worked there b4?? so can ask the chefs for cooking tips?

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

Terri: u gimme an impression of really " hungerhunger" when comes to Chef's tips ! ha !
I worked in Hotel b4, not Le M. was Promenade ;p

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