Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Rumba , Le Meridien

A cosy environment with ancient roman stone walls at one side. I especially like the arch windows. That's the best solution my compact camera can produce-d . so can't really show my favourite arch-windows! !!

Anyways, back to food. I think we got so hungry until we almost finished the 4-buns!

Seafood Platter $140++ After awhile the order has taken, the lady came and told us our Lobster was out-of-stock, so we shall double the items to compensate it. Oh Gosh! A 5-star hotel dining standard telling us this? and it's like after 20 minutes time? On the menu I saw prices like
1/2 kg marinated chicken = $40 ++
Salmon = $40 ++ per 200 gram
Steak = $60++ per 200 gram
xx = $ 5X++ per 200 gram
By looking at the shocking prices, was thought of a Seafood platter with Lobster, cost that much should be okay, but now u come and say NO LOB, but I give u the off-springs! ;p This is like I order Lamb, but u gimme Mutton! !!! ! ! Even u gimme hundred pieces of mutton, I still dun want! I want lamb . That'a very long-comment i wanted to draw on their "comment card", but limited space ! Anyways..

The mussel is as big as my thumb !

This is another joke. Farmer Fries $10 , taste 200% like KFC Wedges. but it's yummy!!! with lots of ketchup ! Again! u work in 5-stars dining restaurant, u dunno what is ketchup ?Funny! Educate ur staffs pls !

This is the monster cream that I bring her to this place & pig-out la... her B-day is coming soon, so it's her gift. Happy Birthday Sylvia !


Creamster said...

Once again, thanks dear!

While I was reading this post, looking at the last photo that you took for me, I realised that we were eating at this cosy nice place while the entire KK (in fact is the entire Sabah) black out that nite! FUNNY ... haha ... everyone suffer from black out while both of us enjoyed our meal there.

Denise ^ ChiCkyEGG said...

haha! !
ya lah !!
that was indeed a very memorable nite ! hahahahhaha

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