Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Salt , The Oil

Most ppl if you qn them, why add salt to boil the pasta? they will say Dunno, just follow what was told!
The addtion of salt to the pasta cooking waster is an essential step that must not be omitted. When pasta is cooked in unsalted water, no matter how flavourful the sauce, the dressed pasta will be certain to have a bland taste.
(source: Eric Treuille & Anna Del Conte PASTA EVERY WAY FOR EVERY DAY)
The above statement is certainly true! I experienced it before! and it tasted horrible! As they said, no matter how flavourful the sauce, the pasta still have a bland taste if cooked in unsalted water. I remember my uni fren being so nice! prepared us dinner while we having evening class, and when we came back, the pasta just taste 'bad' ! why ? bcuz he cooked in a plain water!
The Oil Myth -- Should we add oil to cook pasta?
If you use the correct amount of water, add the pasta when the water is boiling rapidly and remember to stir the pasta immediately, the addition of Oil becomes totally unnecessary. It is in fact a waste of oil.

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