Saturday, February 9, 2008

Tip of Borneo , Kudat

me : FIL , I'm going to Tip of Borneo on Sat, so wont be coming to work

FIL : What R u doing there? Sing a Song ?

me : #*$_*#_$*(#$(

me : Then why R u sending me to Kuching ? Sing A song ?

FIL : * Speechless & Giggling *

Very Breathtaking view ! The Last time I had such spectacular view of beautiful unbleached Ocean was at Queensland. ( I can't remember which beaches oredi )

Wow, somehow, our renowned "The Tip of Borneo" really gives u a peaceful mind !

A very Sunny & Windy morning ! my skirt is blowing off like MARYLIN MONROE * Lolz*

* My family *

This Public toilet was built along the away to Kudat. ( very dirty in fact ) ! They collect RM 0.20 per entry! =p
I was thinking, Hey! toilet at Palm Square oso 20 cents wor =p but bare in mind, public toilets in Palm Sq are NOT that clean neither.

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ekeng said...

yeeeerrrr..i belum go there la...i really wanna go there when i go back KK on April.

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