Friday, February 8, 2008

hehe, I Like this picture a lot ! Look at this, the Meehoon is being violently rotating by Uncle Tan in the Air !hahahahhahah

went to creamy's Open House with Datuk Lo ( Daphne !! ! he is Eddie !!, remember or not ?) *lolz*

* Creamy, where is my Assets picture ?*

I'm actually eating my Ta-Pao meehoon while Blogging, and while I look back at these pics, eyewww... hahahahhahah

caption: Fingers Cutting Meehoon

Caption : er, dun make me imagine this ! hahahahahhaha

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Crazie.Sexa.Cool said...

Moi, ekceli i forgot ordy what to say.. hahaha.. nywz, u showing off ur assets l8ly.. as if la *he* can see it.. hahahaa.. btw, y eddie's pic one only?? shud b bigger.. can't hardly see.. to eddie, nice to finally 2 "SEE" u ;p

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