Sunday, February 3, 2008

Romanesco Broccoli

I thought, is enough for me to have seen Yellowish broccoli, Purpish broccoli... .
I went to Lido market to grab some vege in the afternoon.
hey!!!!! THIS LITTLE CREATURE Caught me into attention! and my goose bumps are all coming out !! (even I'm blogging now )...
I feel very very very very " geli ' oh!!! hahhahahahhah

Is this Edible ?
Yes , According to Wikipedia , it is okay =p I'm just over-reacted! hahaha
but still, even this is FOC to me, my godness! Im not going to COOK or TOUCH it okay, dont even mention to put this into my mouth? E yucks! no way

Let me introduce, Romanesco Broccoli
Tasted like Cauliflower (According to Wikipedia)
Rich in Vitamin C, Fiber
(Forget about it! I eat my fruits & lettuce is better)

ha... I love this ~ hahaha, too Greenish & Fresh! yer I cant wait to eat this!! ( I mean Chinese Lettuce)

New faces of Lido Market


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

tt broc reminds me of the head of a kind of dinosaur in a cartoon-what's the name, Big Foot?

Denise said...

terri : ee!!! very geli!! i still can't accept it! hahahahha
ha? Ask Wey about the character! I only watch "girlish" cartoon =p

yammylicious said...

Romanesco Broccoli!! last year mom cook this as one of our cny dish too! wondering this year will appear on the dining table not! =)

Denise said...

yammy : does it taste good? hahah

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