Saturday, February 2, 2008

Prawn Balls Family

I spent 1 hour in the kitchen, from Chopping to Steaming plus washing & Photography session.

I made 4 types of prawn balls + 1 fried rice.

Hahaha, I'm too hungry from Office, so I decided to make some fried rice with my balls ! & eat with my mum~ haha

~ All these are created in conjunction to Chinese New Year celebration !heheh

发 财 虾 丸
cantonese: Fatt Choi Ha Yuen
Mandarin: Fatt Chai Prawn balls
English: Sure Win Prawn balls
Hidden meaning : Fatt Choi lah! =p won in Gambling =p

~ This is for monster

喜 事 虾 丸
cantonese: Hei Xi Ha Yuen
Mandarin: Xi Shi Prawn ball
English: Cheese Prawn Balls
Hidden meaning : Happiness Prawn balls

旺 窝 虾 丸
cantonese: Wong Worr Ha Yuen
Mandarin: Huang Wo Prawn ball
English: Prosperous Prawn Ball Nest
Hidden meaning
: Very "Prosperous" prawn ball

I learnt from mistake! I should have fried this Item 1st, or I should have changed my oil ! tu lah, LAZY ppl like me...hahahaha... ee I Hate, now u see, make my "nest" so dirty~ hahah

金 发 蒸 虾 丸
cantonese: Gam-Fa-Jin-Ha-Yuen
Mandarin: Jin-Fa steam balls
English : Gold Bars & Hair steam balls
Hidden meaning : Today will Rich steam balls

Cilla, I cannot " Imagine " if you're really my Cuz-in-Law !hahahahhahahhahahaha
I m smiling from ear to ear oredi =p~

* Today my FIL says " Wow, nice [ thing ] on ur ... He pointed my cardigan "
me : THING ? I HATE when u say THING !
FIL : *giggle*

THIS IS CARDIGAN OK =p RM 129 , and pls dont call it THING anymore ~! DUH!


Creamster said...

Very very nice ohhhh!!!!!!

Although I don't eat Fatt Choi, it still look very nice to me!

And .. the Cheesy Prawn Balls! I WANT TO EAT!

dren said...

I WANT! I WANT PRAWN BALLS AND LO MAI KAI!! hehehe.. when you wana cook for me ke ai de denise? =) *Smiles ke-ai-ly* ^_^Y

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

denise, these look very very good. u must start a dim sum shop!

Denise said...

creamy : Haha , easy, ask cabbage to roll one for u

dren : nanti lah~ fine a day

Terri : *lol* KIDDING ! eat dim sum can a shop, cannot la~

Anonymous said...

Hi denise,
Ur prawn balls look really yummilicious! Can u please please share the recipe for cheese prawn balls?

my email addy is

thks n regards,
Susanna, Perth

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