Thursday, February 7, 2008

Chinese New Year's Eve 除夕 - Red Bean at 11 night??

Dad got this " Monetary Feng Shui Tips " from Radio.
During CNY Eve 除夕, 9pm all house's windows/doors has to be closed !
Then around 11 pm , The mama of the house has to start boiling the red bean soup using the 1st drop of water from the tap =p~

So morning, we started to soak the red bean =p

Then our house windows & Doors are all shut off at 9 pm~~~!!!! so we all are caged inside the tiny hse.

11pm ~ mum started cooking red bean soup.
then I added some Tang-yuen ( which we bought if from market) with tousa & Peanuts fillings.

hah! hahaha, we all eating these during the mid of the night =p

Dont u think that the red beans soup with Tang Yuen resemble Pai Gow ? ( Chinese Dominoes)

Pomelo Leaves Water ~ Being Holy water for Chinese Beliefs~ =p~ *lol*
Bathe with it ~ Bring U great fortune for the rest of the year

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