Thursday, February 7, 2008

Reunion Dinner

Reunion Dinner, being the most " Meaningful " dinner for me.

In older days, the parents will usually "slaving" at home for the whole day just to prepare for a Good Scrumptious for children & members.

Nowadays, some families will ahead to Restaurant for Reunion Dinner, for more cozy & nice environment..

me ? haha, I lived in the house for 28 yrs! When I start growing up say 12 ? every year of this day, I will start helping mum cutting & chopping in the Kitchen already. I really really enjoy doing it ! That's the moment we get together & "learn" from my mum~ Other reason is also At the same time, when I'm slicing food like Abalone, normally I will pop in 1~2 slices in my mouth without mum's sight! hahahahha...I remember when I was young, mum taught me how to slice a good thin Abalone, and I actually ate it after each cut! and mum was like HEY ! AH TNG!

I must assure that, when the days I have children, I must make this as a practice! Cook like a Slave ! with head of sweats! ahhahahhahahha
I don't why suddenly SENG SENG boy is in the picture!! hahahahah! he just love my mum!

Chicken stock

Home-made seaJelly~


Steamed Chicken
Pan Fried Salted Prawns
Mixed vege
hahaha, Aunt Terri's Fatt Choy Hoe Si Mushrooms
Roast Duck

OK, I gained 5KGs from the above


Julian Si said...


Gong Xi Fa Cai from KL ... and thanks for visiting my blog, I agree the 7 series is a nice car!

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

i am very delighted tt u r continuing a tradition of helping ur mom cook d reunion dinner. i kept telling my boys how i loved helping my mom do tt, but they prefer to play computer games.#sigh# hey, is tt abalone soup?? i want a bowl too!

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