Thursday, February 7, 2008

1st Day of Chinese New Year

What U doing on 1st day of CNY ?
Photo Shooting

Yeah, Some Chinese will cook " Chai-Choi" ( Mixed Vege) early in the morning & plain rice for Breakfast ! That's a Tradition one. Hahaha!

Ingredients : - ( for 10 persons)

A: Mushrooms (10 ~ 8 pieces, soaked it overnite, to get rid of the Wood smells)

B: Red Dates ( 10 nos)

C: Dried Oyster ( 10 pieces)

D: Fatt Choi ( 1 Handful, soaked & cleaned it)

E: Gingko Nuts ( 10 nos)

F: Red Fermented Beancurd ( 5 cubes)

G: Tong Hong ( 1 Handful, soaked)

H: Fu-Zuk , Beancurd sticks (Deep Fried & soaked it)

I: Dried lily Buds ( 1 Handful, soaked)

J: Wood ear (HAHAHA) Dried Fungus ( 1 Handful, soaked)

K: Chinese cabbages ( Few big leaves, sliced it)

L: CI-GU ( er, what's the english oredi ah?) (10 nos), boiled it b4 cook

Method: (this cooking are for 10 persons )

1. Heat up some oil, Deep fried the Dried Oyster until crisp, push it aside , and throw in some minced red onions

2. Smashed the Fermented Beancurd, and Throw in now, stir well.

3. Throw in ALL the ingredients, except Fatt Choi & Tong Hung.

4. Stir well, Add in 5 T of Light soya , and 1 Large bowl of water

5. Close the wok-lip and cook for 15 minutes, until half of the water dried off.

6. Sprinkle some sugar & some dark soya to darken the sauce ( if u want)

ThE st0ry beHinD the ShELL

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