Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bu-Tou-Shi , Inanam ( Chinese Temple )

This is my 1st Visit during 1st Day of CNY~ ehhehehehe

when u climbing up the road, u can see lots of black ants (ppl) gather in the temple !!

*Lite-ing up the Joss-sticks on the oil*

Me: I still can smile before I enter the Hall ! Inside was awful ! my eyes are crying!! so much smokes until I barely can open my eyes. and, the most difficult part was when u place ur sticks

on the censer ! I'm just afraid my fingers will get "burnt" by the heat of the falling ashes! ! man!!! I just got it when I'm inside, both my hands & foot!
(sample pic of censer)

Dad's 3 flowers

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ekeng said...

Gong Xi Fa Cai..Wan Shi Ru Yi...Hong Pao na lai ;p

ThE st0ry beHinD the ShELL

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