Sunday, February 24, 2008

Egg shaken

After "Egg shaken" , I feel my kitchen is in a mess! exactly like post-earthquake situation. Look at the remnants from "Egg shaken" in my kitchen, Frying pan is dirty, plates are pilling up waiting for me to wash, which I'm so unwilling. and peanuts' skin are everywhere on the floor ! plus, mum is start making noises there .
I was puttering whether to CLEAN the mess 1st or just enjoy my " Egg shaken" ! haha , of cuz the FOOD won in my mind! *lolz* (laughs)

The orginality of Egg shaken should be spread with wheat germs, but instead, I replaced with crushed peanuts. Please visit here for more info.

1. Fry the raw peanuts in a work until brown & bit of burnt.
2. Slip skins off with fingers.
3. smash with cake roller.
4. Crack an egg / or 2 in a oiled pan.
5. drop some butter on the egg, sprinkle with some crushed peanuts.
6. Sprinkle with sugar / or parmesan cheese .
7. Serve well.

slip skins off with fingers.

Crush the peanuts with roller or any wooden objects in a plastic bag.

Imagination Thought:
The top of the egg is erupting. Hot thick lava is blasting out along with ash and rocks.
(Ash and rocks = peanuts)

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ekeng said...

Denise,you're so creative la..I love the egg lava pic..nice !!

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