Saturday, March 1, 2008

February 2008 , A Leap year, 29 days

I have " Lost-count " of happiness & good moments , especially in February 08.
(eee I know karen u hate the word Lost-Count ! me too, but in fact that best describes my February, *lol* please bare with me)

1. Chinese New year - Fantastic !
  • Ang pao luck = Excellent ! The above are a set of OCBC newly launched ang pao packets, which comes in a picture. I love that, the 2nd ang pao packet I love is Terri's Swarovski's red packets ! very elegant , in fact, I don't mind if u give me a scanty One Ringgit with that red packet or empty packet though.
  • Stomach luck = Always good ! but this year I didn't eat a single piece of Nien-Gao ( Chinese Glutinous rice steamed cake) , eventhough It's an Auspicious food, but, somehow I found it's really x healthy at all! considering pounds of sugar added-in.

2. Career Luck - LOW !

  • First time I shedded my tears in the office (I'm 11 months in Office, as at Feb 08)! I felt so mental-torturing here. I'm haunted by FIL!!!
  • Salary= I'm a coolie . I'm earning pittance. I'm a coolie . I'm earning pittance ( Lyrics of the year)

3. Love Luck - * smiles * my cheeks are glowing .. with sated hormones! (LOLZ)

  • still smilling , a blissful smile
  • I try to love u more (in honeyed tone)

4. Money Luck - Moderate

  • Wallet = full for today, empty by next morning
  • other resources = Luckly I have plenty of ang pao to safe my life =p~

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ekeng said...

cool ang pao packet...I'm sure Terri will give you her Swarvoski red packet on your wedding ;p

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