Monday, January 7, 2008

O-Cha-Cha, Pavilion

I think after KLCC Dome, we shopped a while... then We ahead to Pavilion for High-Tea! Hahaha *Oh Gosh*...

Dreamy Matcha: This is the best cheese cake I had in my life! I can assure you all this is really GOOD! so smooth & melt in ur mouth + Heart too! hahahah...(Disclaimer: I judged this based on that day's bakery)~ Haha

Passion Frezzie: erm.. very nice!! I sip a bit from it, good! sis says it gives a "mystery" feels

Ochacha Latte: GOOD! At first I dont really feel like order it, based on my bad experience from starbucks! but, anyways, that guy insisted this is their signature drink! so, give a Try! hey! really nice!! far far better than Starbucks's yuckie! hahahahah

*Nice shop*


ekeng said...

Ocha..will visit there if i go Pavilion..

Creamster said...

Hey, the Latte looks so nice! I wanna go! OMG ... I really need to make a trip down to KL already! I HAVE TO!

Denise said...

ekeng: can try, but not much selection there la

cream: since you are Fei Ngiao , u can fly thereh anytime mah =p

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