Thursday, November 1, 2007

Garden City Restaurant

For me, I like the food. Really have to depends on what food you're ordering. When I compared with Terri's one , Thanks god!! hahaha, apparently those that She commented good, were those that I picked too =p so... verdict is... our tongue are the SAME! HAhahahah... no la... verdict is TO Order the Right food! then U get to enjoy it. of cuz, it's pricey~ which everybody agrees on that!
Fish maw soup : RM 28 , pretty good! really!
Kale : RM 13 , yummy! they used 高汤 to fry as well! that's why it's DeliSh!

海珊虾球 (Coral prawn?) hahaha : RM 28 A very tasty unique sauce! haha, Thumbs UP!
香柳骨 (Honey Pork ribs) : RM 18 Yums!!!!! hahaha
蜜桃鸡 (Peach Chicken) : RM 18 VERY GOOD!

Halloween drink = Horrible drink = Starbucks' Green Latte = YuCks!


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

hi sweetie, looking good!

ekeng said...

guess what..i also have the 蜜桃鸡 (Peach Chicken)'s really good.but i have it at Garden Seafood Restaurant.

ekeng said...

oh yeah,Garden Seafood Restaurant and Garden City Restaurant are the same boss and same management.

Denise said...

YES! It tasted exactly the same like Garden Seafood, just that this cut into Chicken stripe, instead of in piece.

Yup, u're right! hey, you're From KK One , arent you ? =p

ekeng said...

No..I from Labuan..but my family moved to KK already.I always went for dinner at Garden Seafood when i in KK. but i really don't know how much is the price.Cos i always eat for free.

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