Thursday, January 31, 2008

Cheesy Prawn Roll

Kill me Please!!!! ( like creamy says) my symptom of craving is getting worse -
I'm eating these at 9pm != p
Yeah I promised creamy to make Dim Sum =p Deep Fried Prawn ball with stuffed Cheese.
BUT, I coulnt resist myself when I see this " Wokking Mum's Cheesey Prawn "
O-rite, I will still make the Dim sum Fat bird ! on Sunday ok =p

Beancurd skin (soaked & dried)
* the reason to soak the water for a while is to cut down the salty taste! bcuz we have cheese here. * Make sure to dry off the skin with lots of kitchen paper *
Prawns ( as many as u like )
Cheese ( 1 slice for 2 prawns)

1.Unshell & devine the prawns. Leave the Tail with shell for easy holding.
2. Dry the prawn with some kitchen paper.
3. Lay the prawn on the cheese & beancurd skin.
* Note: Wokking mum cooked the prawn on a skewer b4 wrap with it.. but I dont have the time, so Just leave it there uncooked *
4. Wrap 3~4 layers of skin, and cover with corn flour.
5. Deep fried for few minutes, until golden brown.

NAH! hehehehehheh ; P~ I tell u, very sinful ! & yummy !

Let me use the word . Oozing Cheese from the centre ;p that really melts in my mouth ! imagine the cheese with beancurd skin & prawn ? and it's a very good cocktail food to have!

Tips :
(1) Make sure both skin & prawn are really dried-off b4 roll & fry
(2) Now I know why Wokking Mum half-cooked the prawn b4 roll, so that the prawn is dried-up and when u deep fry, no water will come out.

Why the tips are important
Because I just rolled the uncooked prawn with cheese, and after deep-fried, my cheese is a bit watery at the side! hahahahhaha, that's why you see my oozing cheese are erupting like Volcano lava from the beancurd skin =p
anyways, it still tastes great ! Now I know why creamy love prawnball with cheese oredi.

And, I think I need to go Ikea again. Haha
I just love my black plate from Ikea, hey let me shout a bit, it's made in Turkey (the 2nd one) , the first black is made in Romania =p
Oh well, may be there are just equivalent to made in China for European standard~
But anyhow, at least, mine tablesets are not from China o-rite

Anyways, the Shiny surface black plate can only used for nite-time shooting , which wont reflects the sunlight. Look at my Egg-in-Love , I was quite disappointed when I see the pic ! It reflected everything !! and object not being focus ! I was thoroughly upset! by spending so much on that idiot plate & carrying all over by hand! ( hey it's very ma fan u know =p)

Oh well, now I know how to make use of it already~ ; )

Oh ya! This store [ Living concept ] , on the 2nd floor of Warisan Square (same building with Radius/Imperial Hotel)... they're selling IKEA products!!! but, They dont have nice dining sets ! All boring stuffs, which Parkson Can offer better ones

KKkkylie..... =p I know u're in Sdk ! I just like to shout ur name =p~


Creamster said...

This prawn roll looks tempted!

well well well ... I'm still waiting for your cheesy prawn ball! ^_^

ekeng said...

Wow...Melt in my mouth..

Great Job..Well Done..Bravo!!!

Anonymous said...

kylie: LOL

ThE st0ry beHinD the ShELL

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