Sunday, January 27, 2008

Egg - in - Love

O-rite . Not me, I'm not in love, the EGG is ~
Chu, my fren, gave me this "Heart-shape-Egg-Fryer" as my belated pressie last week !hahahha...Well, that's really one of my "Must-Have-Items"

Ha, an over-due post.
I found this pic which I haven't posted yet
A Malaysia Airlines in-flight meal.
" Disgusting" !
Fruit : I didn't take. 1st time I see ppl served Tin-Longan ! Cheapskate!
Orange Juice: Package drink always good de la
Peanuts : Cute
Coffee mug: No Tea & Coffee served. Due to unpleasant conditions. (also to avoid another court case may be)
Mashed potatoes: ALAH! CANNOT LAH! HIRe ME PLS! I Can COOK better
Lemon Chicken: Eyewww......
Pastry : THIS IS THE BEST AMONG ALL! ... How sad


Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

tt's a king's feast. one time Mas served me meehoon kosong, topped with egg strips on a flight back frm Kl to Kk.

ekeng said...

i only love MAS punya Nasi Lemak :p

ekeng said...

btw, i love the heart shape egg fryer..can u cook one egg for me?? pls pls pls

WoMbOk™♂ said...

That heart egg fryer is soo coooolll~ I have never seen one before :P

And I am so hungry now.. even the mas food looks delicious.

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