Thursday, January 31, 2008

Shed Off some Fats ?

some conversation with my MIL yesterday ..

MIL : Denise, I think you can become my daughter
(Yeesss ! but is Daughter - IN - LAW ) my heart whispered
me : * smile * only
MIL : Denise, How many Kilos are U right now?
me : 60.9
MIL : Oh... I think by 2009, U can lose by another 5 Kg rite ?
me : hA ?? but I love my food
MIL : so that by 2009, when Ben comes back, He wont recognise U , and I can tell him that this is New Denise
me : ( I am kinda speechless for a second )
me : I still think the Rounder the Better =p~

HEY ! for ppl that know me WELL, They should know Even If I'm on diet, is definitely wont because of that IDIOT ! and, I'm born to be ROUND oso =p that's symbolize Denise! a Slim Denise is just not ME anyways =p

Look at this branch of Pussy Willow ! why this particular " BUD " so [ long ] ar ? ahahahha
Can u all spot the ' longest ' among the all ? Hahaha

Pussy Willow with 12 mini lanterns & 8 ribbons

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