Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Question Mark !?

What U learnt from Hotel?
  1. Sence of Urgency
  2. Be responsible
  3. Communication among levels of people
  4. Be Discipline
  5. Grooming
  6. ... more & more...

What U learnt from XXXX ?
7 alphabets ! --N.O.T.H.I.N.G-- !!!!!

Oh yes! I am learning how to be evil ! How to polish apples ! make sure it's Shiny enough to make that person wearing a shade to see. I don't like this ! besides princess life, I thinK i learn NOTHING ! I am learning how to protect myself from shooting by unnecessary office politics ! hai........... I learn NOTHING from my FIL! Oh YEs ! Learn how to bad mouth about ppl from XXXX! ! That is NOT what I want !

Hawlo TO the IDIOT OUT THERE ! Please be reminded that, I'm Free is Not my FAULT ! & not that I wanted to be too ! Bang ur head to the wall & question urself ! Why I'm Free here! Shake ur head And THink wisely !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why you always always condemn ppl around u not doing their jobs, so free out there !THINK HARD! IDIOT ! Want me to write on your indian forehead ?!?!?

Don't make me mad, I just Don't like ! Have I ever failed you anything ? I can loudly announce to everyone out there NO! I never ! What ever U want, I Try my very Best to give ! I give all things to you efficiently & fast. !

I'm not paid as a "runner" alright ! I don't have to run up & down to show Hey I AM BUSY ! ! what is this ? Dont hire spy dog in the office ! Please Shoot Direct Question to the RIGHT person! REAL DOG !

I'm ANGRY , Until I'm having nose bleeding now !

I'm a bit... A "BIT" Tired

WAKE UP! ! When I go for 3rd Job, I can't tell what I have learned from XXXX ! I feel embarassed !!! ! hai... sigh....
*Sobs* Think again, I seriously Can't write about what I'm doing in XXXX !! BIG SIGH


ekeng said...

office politic :(

Creamster said...

Hey, calm down my dear!

Ever think of going back to hotel line? Come back lar, hotel line seriously need more people! And again ... hotel industry is always interesting than any other line (such as Marine =P). Well, at least I do think so ...

Tony Hii said...

My post dated Oct. 24 is on office politics. You may have a look of it.

Dren said...

HUgs hugs.... rilex yaaaa??? eheheh.. yaaa... come back lah.. hehehe then become exec.. wanna try at my side?? very rilexing de woohhh..

Denise said...

ekeng: ya, suckx
monster: ya hotel is FUN! I've given my FIL 1st WARNING oredi !* Lolz * If he still behave like that! HERK!!! * Giggle *
Tony: YUP!! Ur Blog is Right ! read ur article ! I think it applies to here ! I mean to the person too! HAhahhaha
Dren: hey dont HUG ME! U bau SUSU! * Giggle * bcome exec ? nah no thANks ! I dont have license remember? ;p

Dren said...

Stupid you! Susu saja!! hmm.. then u just have to bear with it lor.. BTW, I had to delete you from my skype list, sudd MD is checking on who you have on your list.. silly *roll eyes*. Mei yu se juo.

Creamster said...

Stupid MD is damn 'wu liao' ... This kind of small thing he wants to check, wasting time! Again, typical china man ...

Nvm ... Dren, we still have MSN!

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