Saturday, December 15, 2007

Office Xmas Party

"We wish you A merry Christmas...
We Wish you A merry Christmas...

WE ! Dress in Red & White ! While both Capt & Juliet in Black & White ! * lolz *

To Mdm NgAe & Allen A. : Dont Get Jelex ! hahaha

I'm so happy! I got my neighbour's pressie ~ hahahaha, I remember she told me Don't get cheated by the box ! probably the Box is bigger than everything ! hahahaha
Anyways, I like the gift !!

Santa milk Jug, Tea Cup , Sugar pot

* I had a Good chat with my MIL ! * *WiNk*

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ekeng said...

joy to the la la la..
What a nice office Xmas party..
nice food and nice gifts :)

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