Friday, December 7, 2007

Post Event II

my godness.... I'm gonna missed my Bunch of lovely Promenade-ian soon !!!! * Lolz *
Thanks for everything....EVERY seconds are nicely locked in my memories now ! *Giggle*

my 6" li man & Cute PP !

the only 3 gentlemen in S&M ! * LOlz *

huiyoh....Adrienne can dance! hahahhaha

I cant find a better pic than this la.. hahaha, all the pic taken with fat bird surely my eyes are closed =p

my BoSS!

my 2 ex-bosses !

I can promise u all, these 2 Hot ladies are having Great "Assets"! * Lolz *

Let me Emphasize here! The below is not my boopies ok! Mine much "fleshy"! HAhahahahha

Hey ! Thanks for the sinful Moist Choco Cake ! !! Really REALLLY NICE !!! I know you ALL are nice !!

but, when I got home, my ... hahahhaha...the cake turned out like that leh.... ahhahhahaha, and i managed to "push-back" to it's origin...and it's in fridge now !hehhhe


Creamster said...

We did this especially for you dear!

Once again ..... HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Creamster said...

and also ..... I like that 2 ladies' boop! hahahahahahha ....

I tell you, Susu Besar is gonna kill you!

Anonymous said...

promenade-ians? but order secret recipe's cake?? hehhehehe ;P

Tony Hii said...

Your photography is admirable!

Denise said...

Creamy : haha, I think SusuBesar hAppy tu! HAhahahha


Tony Hii: * LOlz * I think U only meant that 2 particular PICTURE ;D

Dren said...

Stupid u Denise!!! Why must you say that yours are much fleshy than the pic number 2??!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAH.. I swear.. never to sit in front of the band, for life!

Denise said...

Dren :
Of cuz lah! nanti ppl tot mine so KICI! HaHAhahahHAhaha

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