Thursday, December 6, 2007

Post Event

Hehehhe... my Celebration At office When FIL is not around! * Giggle*
This is the 6" Xmas tree!!! bare in mind, i'm only 148cm =p

Me , having same birthdate with my PA ~ (the one in grey coat)

Hoh ... I m very sure my FIL love this Xmas tree! * Lolz *
THanks Moreen!!! Like ur pantie

Chris know i like boopies hah! ahahhahahha

nah, PA says I'm as fierce as the TIger wor!!

Dinner with SengSeng boy! hehehe..he is very Cute!!!
Boy : Da Jeh Jeh, ni Birthday, wo qin ni cik KFC
(Sis, ur birthday, I treat u eat KFC)
Me: HAH? Ni you $ meh??
(What? U got $ meh?)
Boy: You ! wo gen pa pa nah!
(Got! I take from Dad!)
* LOve * I'm glad he so good in sweet talking with me! hahahah

This year I'm having another "unforgetful" birthday !
Many thanks to my collq !
Many thanks to my friends' wishes , especially my ex-collQ~! I feel like I'm still working atPromenade la! hahhahahah * Giggle *
I had a perk from F.I.L leh!!! Precious leh! HAhahhHAHahhaha...
Of cuz, I'm with my sweetest fishball !
Here are the lists of unclaim presents
  1. Creamy & Giraffe : my UMAI meal
  2. DeArest JAneShIak & Kylie : ???
  3. Pawpaw & Numbnuts : eh taugeh! Belanja!!
  4. Karen: it's ok, I know Capricorns are good! so you're exempted
  5. why no present from MIL ah? I tot got TongHing Voucher?! hahhaha

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Creamster said...

I know I still owe you! I promised, I'll never forget ... it's just the matter of time!

We all miss you in Promenade, sometimes we still feel that you're part of us!

Love you Tai Jeh ... muaksss!

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