Thursday, December 27, 2007

Medicine week

I would term this week as "MEDICINE WEEK" for me !!!

I been eating capsules & tables since last Saturday until today !

And, I'm still having coughing & flu & sorethroat with slightly high temperature on my forehead.

I even Dream of "Capsule" last nite! *Lolz*~ Nightmare! hahaha !
Christmas Eve : Having fever & sorethroat, but still went out with family to Citymall! *lolz*
Christmas Day: "Loitering" at Aunt hse, went out with my secret santa at Night ~ *lolz*
Boxing Day: Serious Sick~ HAhahahahhahahha until I slept at 7:15 pm ~!
Today: Slightly okay but still sick & blur~ hahaha


ekeng said...

poor denise~~ Get well u can come to shopping at KL next week :)

Tony Hii said...

Denise, take good care of yourself.

Amelia said...

ya,i echo the same advice, take great care of yourself...drink more water.

tumi said...

me "three", take good care ah!

Anonymous said...

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Denise said...

* aw Thanks everyone *

* E~ I hate Anonymous Advertisement here *

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