Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Happy Birthday Kylie!

Lots of Lots of Fun & Luv given in this cake! Hahaha~
Poppy Seed Walnut Orange cake , especially baked by DeArest JaneShiAk to Kylie~
and then we "played" around with the decor parts! HAhahahhahah
Aunt never like "Artificial" colouring! At first we thought of piping 2 rounds of flower , ( white & Red) So we opened a can of Red Dark Cherries, we mix the "red" juices into the whipping cream!
Dang Dang! When we about to pipe, it just didn't turn out well, too soft & watery !
So we just used the white cream to pipe!
and when comes to Piping!!! The Canvas Piping Bag & Piping Head Just didnt want to
co-operate la! This is the most panic & excited part !ahhahahhaha.. Hate it ! Then we replaced with Plastic bag for pipping! My Godness! When I first squeezed! All "PuFF" out! Plastic bag was tear off!!!! Hahahahah What a MESS!!!
So finally, Jane finished the whole pipping by carefully drop 1-by-1~ hahaha (with few layers of pastic bag & pls scroll back to see the pic! look at how fat is the pipping body to the head! )
Then comes to Wording part ! hahahha, As I said, her house do not have any colouring, and dunno why not even Choco powder! SO last last! She used " COFFEE POWDER"! which turned into a really GOOD butter icing!! very very nice ! ehehehhehe
Oh well... after the 26 grapes of toppings, the whole cake turned out to be quite "GOOD" looking HAH! *Lolz*
The cake is nice! with all the efforts put in ! & with my hungry stomach! hahaha... *Sweet*

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Tony Hii said...

Denise, it looks gorgeous!

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