Saturday, December 1, 2007

I'm Happy Today !

My heart is blossom now! like my mum's orchid
*Giggle* She's happy! I'm posting her "precious" from the backyard, which I think is a mini-forest!!! hahaha
Hey, All the 3 photos are taken with my little FujiFilm F420, 3 Megapizel only ah! Hawlo! is THREE MP only! and hahahahha what if I got my Fd50 at 12 MP? Hahahah...PLS! BUY ME THAT ONE!! I can SHOOT BETTER FLOWERS FOR U! ( As if she can hear me)

NO SINGLE PROCESSING HAS BEEN for these 3 pic! Because I strongly feel that, nature things should be given in a "natural" way, by presenting their natural true colours! true or not TErri?!Haha! I mentioned Terri here is because I remember well she said "ugly beautiful" is still the best! ;D

Before u enter the mini-forest, U will see this not so healthy "coin-tree"! hahahah

I like this!! seems like Chinese New Year is coming veeeeery soon! hahhahah.. Sometimes I like to plug this kat-zhai and throw at the stray Dogs outside my hse! and mum will start shouting " AH TNG!!!! Ngo Geh Kat zhai Jong Oi kahh!!" * GIGGLE*

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Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

wow denise, ur pics r so sharp and the color so fresh, i can't believe it's only 3 mp!

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