Sunday, December 2, 2007

me and me

Hehehe, my cuttiest boy !!
He's at 3.5 yrs now. When he's at 3 yrs, He will say
me: Seng seng, Dai-Jeh-Jeh Piao buk piao Liang mah? (pretty or not?)
boy: Buk Piao Liang ( Not pretty)
me: wei shen moh?? ( why?)
boy: Dai-Jeh-Jeh Fei fei deh.. ( Fat!! )
The next seconds I feel like punch him to floor!! hahahahhahaha, see!! Such little boy oredi like that, Last nite I brought him out, he's meeting pretty cute young girls, and He started revealing his "Flirtatious " smile again !!! ee yer!!! hahahhahaha

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ekeng said...

Dai-Jeh-Jeh cannot punch Seng Seng to floor la...cos he is a honest boy..wakaka ;p

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