Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Tamago Sushi + Tamagoyaki

Hah! Finally! I made my own Tamago !!! sometimes I thought It's quite expensive to pay RM4 (the cheapest I had so far in KK) just for 2 slice of Tamago! and, oh well, I would say I pay for their " effort" of Rolling-the-Omelette !
I rolled my Japanese Omelette using Round pan~ always feel that How Good if I have a Square Pan! makes my life easier~ anyways, round will do!
5 eggs
150 ml stock / chicken broth
1 teaspoon light soya
1 teaspoon mirin
1 tablespoon sugar

Photo sessions taken from my book

Mix all the ingredients. & get ready 1 kitchen paper soak with cooking oil

Step1: Heat up the pan in a low fire, with the soaked kitchen paper, brush on the pan a bit.

Step 2: pour-in bit of egg mixture ( not much in a time, otherwise too thick and take longer time to cook , and the base get burnt as u cook longer.

Step 3: Fold the egg into Half. As you can see the other Half of the pan are empty. Now, Brush some oil with the paper on the empty area.

Step 4: pour in bit of eggmixture, to cover the another half (again becareful not to pour in too much). Let it sit for 30 seconds or less

Step 5: Fold the 1st layer ,half over to the new layer which u just cooked in step 4.

( Repeat the same steps 3 ~ 5 until your eggmixture are finished) BE PATIENT! hehe & work along! make sure dont get any single layer burnt ! otherwise, not nice lah, what else =p still can eat also de.. *giggle*

Simple Roll-Sushi
a. Roll your japanese rice with hand wet with (vinegar & water) .
b. Take a nice handful of rice, squeeze a bit using ur palm until firm.
c. use a finger to press a bit, while u continue massage the rice until U think it's in shape.
d. put on the slice egg & eat

I play cheat here! I used plain rice! hahahaha, not really jap rice! used the left over rice from Dinner just now, and made~ oh well... 1st time make Tamago, What to expect wor! =p~

WIth the leftover Omelette, I cut into cubes! Square-Tamagoyaki

seeing the egg white, knowing I didnt mix the egg well ! Oh well, who cares, All will be in stomach also anyways =p


ekeng said...

Yippee...Congratulation...Well done..Thanks for your recepies.

ekeng said...

KK selling RM4 ar..So expensive oh...KL normally sell RM 1.60 to RM 2.00

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

oooi! looks so yummy, i think we start a sushi bar, u tamago me make california rolls..

*Kylie* said...

oooo cool xD

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