Monday, November 19, 2007

Jack Sprat

Terri is sooo Cute ! This Nursery Rhyme reminds me of things I said to myself before, which are considered to be one of the criterias in finding Husband!

For a Chicken, I only eat the Breast part. NO to Drumsticks especially. I HATE, VERY VERY HATE Drumstick . Chicken wings are still okay, but yet still prefer breast meat !
That's why in my family, no one likes chicken breast, except me! every time only the 2 sis fight for the drums! mum will pick the wings, and dad just eat the rest of the parts, which i dun like the thighs as well.

Reasons I hate drumsticks & the thigh parts :
(1) Meat too soft & smooth ( hey, i prefer chunks of meat okay, like breast)
(2) A lot of chicken stinky smells !! ( hey, serious, breast part no such smell ) I really hate when I smell the fishy smelling chicken !!!!!!! EveN u deep fried the drumstick, still!! oh gosh, dun mention, i want to vomit oredi

So my conclusion is
Husband could eat drumsticks
Denise could eat breast
MIL & FIL could eat thighs & wings!
1 family can finish the chicken!

* L0lz *


Creamster said...

Only stupid girl like you don't eat drumstick! That's everyone's favourite!

terri said...

haha denise! u're funny!but i agree with creamster!how can anyone complain of 'too smooth' texture oh? breastmeat is so boring n dry lah!u r orang putih when it comes to chicken..just makan meat for meat, never mind the texture...but i agree about the stink. i think bad chicken stink worse than any other meat. to avoid tt, u'd have to get very fresh chicken. one last thing. my mom used to dive for the chicken breast. now suddenly she realised we all fight for the drumsticks n wings n she switched to those too (food's better when u fight for it?)so u never know what u'ii likewhen ur older!

Denise said...

creamy: SHUT UP! hahaha good mah, i wont fight with u~ =D~

Terri: speak of ur mum case, haha, YES! we never know, one day I'll end up eating drumsticks! haha * Oh GOD PLS DONT! *

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