Thursday, November 8, 2007

Salted Egg yolk Red Bean Pasty 咸蛋酥

HAH! Finally I can make my own 咸蛋酥 !

Everytime I brought from outside, either the egg has gone bad (surrounded with fungus) ... or the pastry was too hard (probably factory shortening are different from those we get from stall or they baked TOO LONG HOURS), which I dont like.

Mine, is Fresh Hot from oven, not hard.
I can roughly list out the ingredients here, but, ways of doing it, Please click chowtimes . This site is pretty much self-explainatory with photos. I think, they can become "Cooking-site-for-Dummies"! u know, those yellow-Black booklet that sell in the bookstore, which Microsoft always do.

( I reduce Chow's recipe by Half, so, mine can make 7~8 big balls (5cm width each)

Outer Layer Dough:
225g bread flour
90g water
180g shortening

Inner Layer Dough:
150g cake flour
75g shortening

Red bean paste
Salted Egg yolks ( depends on how many balls u want to make)
Cooking wine (to bake with the egg yolks separately, to get rid of the smelt)

Black sesame, but i replace with White one.


ekeng said...

it's look so yummy ! when can i make myself one. Thanks for your recipe.Oh yeah, forgot something.i notice that you have change your logo.It's sooooooo cute. (Chicky Egg with glass)

Denise said...

Ha, I'm just bored wiff the previous one

Terri @ A Daily Obsession said...

hey, d new header pic is much better n fun. n the egg,u can open a bakery. i'm so hungry just looking at the pic! i bet it tasted excellent.

Denise said...

terri: bakery ? ridiculous ;D

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