Friday, November 9, 2007

Dinner at Umai

He!! Treats from my lovely AUnt! JaneShiAk ~ hehe...TQ TQ

U know, When I ordered this Spider Maki, I was in a hurry, I can't find the name, just couldn't remember the name ( and ALL I Know is.. it looks like the Scorpion's Tail!! from what I seen from Terri & others blog)

so I asked the Ninja ( later U can see his face below)

Ninja: Any other dish u would like to order?
(me busy flipping the menu from front to back, back to front)
Me: errr.... neh, got one sushi, looks like Scorpion one!!

Ninja: *shocked* Scorpion?!??! OOohhh... SPider Maki

* Laughs.......*

Gyuroso Gozen: Aunt says, they should have asked, if we want medium or well done! haha

THis is supposed to be Sashimi...hahahhaha....but, we wanted a COOKED sushi, instead, they cooked the salmoN!!! ahhahaha by Deep Fried the WHole Sushi!!! VERY FUNNIE LAH!

Unagi Kabayaki Gozen

This is super cute!!! hhahahha

Nah! This is the Cute Ninja! He is a Chinese. He said..
Ninja: Why take photo of me O? Are you 2 visitors?
me: Dont ask! Take first...
Ninja: okay, done. So Tell me, where are you 2 coming from? Tawau? Sandakan? oh.. must be Sandakan

Me & My Aunt keep laughing & just nodded our head! Hahahhahaha

Well, we are given SUPER GOOD SErvices... I think was because

1. The Proprietor, Kenny was sitting at the back of us with his clients & wife.
2. Azami is the capt / outlet manager there!!!! hahahahhaa... Creamy u know who or not?
Chatted with Azami, asking him... isn't it here Unami MUCH MUCH better than Promenade?
" YES" !
Azami: yOu ? still in Promenade?
me: NOpe! No more! at KAsi now, and is SO MUCH BETTER than Promenade.

* Both of us laughs......*

Verdict: FOOD IS GOOD.


Creamster said...

Yes,I still remember Azami. Didn't know he is working there already, I must visit him again one day & tell him I'm still with Promenade ... hahahahahaha!

Denise said...

guess what, Azami Gemuk oredi o! HAhahahahhahahahah
i dunno why, I talk to him in malay, he reply me in english o! hahahahha, cant he speak malay? or bcuz of the big boss is at the back of us, and he is not allowed to speak malay ah? hahahah * Weird *

Creamster said...

Cool ... Azami speaks malay. hahahaha ......... last time when he was still in PH. I used to speak Eng with him, but he forced me to speak malay. Deli ...

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