Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Dragon Fruit

Dragon Fruit (Pitaya) , we called it 火龙果 or 龙珠果 . A tropical fruit, grow on a cactus tree which looks like "octopus-hand" to me. Pretty ugly infact! hahahaha look at the pic!

So far, I've eaten 2 types of dragon fruits. Red Glossy Skin with White Flesh (Bit Oval shape) & Red Rough Skin ( bit Round & small) with Red Flesh. In fact, there's is another one, a bit smaller, Yellow skin with White Flesh! I saw Merdeka Surpermarket once a while are selling it! but, eyew... scary la... Looks like some giant cocoon with Yellow colour dyed on it =p


Haa... still my White-meat are better la... hahahhahahahah looks more normal =p~

Hehe, with cube of Bulla's Classics Vanilla are best!! HAhahahhahaha =p~

I know, so much goodness from this fruit! But, for sure, the tiny black seeds are cure for constipation! =p~

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ekeng said...

hahaha...i feel so funny when i see this,cos i bought this fruits near KK Tong Hing on the first day i went back KK.

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