Monday, October 15, 2007

Cotton Cheese Cake ?

I need a Cake lesson seriously...
One Thing I hate about Baking is, is all not "personal touch" to the food, and that's why always bring to failure! It's all done by the electric beater, whisk, patula, etc!!!! unlike cooking, where u actually marinate ur food with ur "finger tips" ! see the differences? Machine Vs Human

I love COOKING more than BAKING. hahahahha.. I hate bah, everytime comes to baking ah, sure here mm dim, there mm dim!!!
Everytime when comes to Baking, I can't "predict" what's happen in the next step! I can't even picture what's the taste like in the end product!

In Contrast to "cooking session"!! Where, I can always always know what I'm doing, eventhough it's a new recipe , just from reading the recipes, I know what I should do, know my steps, and very sure about How the food is gonna be!

Comes to baking......... everytime I already can foretell another disappointment.

This time, my five egg-whites didnt want to co-operate with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hence the cake cannot RISE! and I m like eating "steam-egg-cheese-kuih"! hahahah, even my sis also said very Yucks o!!! Imagine? hahahahhah

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