Friday, September 7, 2007

CoCo-Joe's , STAR [ Part II ]

Continued from Part I , Obviously they changed their menu to hard-board-typed , instead of booklet.
Anyways, last nite I insisted to go CocoJoe again! hahahah... I just love the environment.

Mamma Mia : RM35 ..

Borneo Colonel :RM 39 . THese chunks of pineapple cost me RM39++?!?!??! * Lolz *, nah, it says with Green Tea, Lemon Sorbet and splash of vodka. I dont taste vodka? probably I only tasted the sourish from the pineapples..... the whole nite I m having a Bitter + Sour Ice cream!!! (The Green Tea Flavour, sooo Greenish, sooo Bitter )

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