Saturday, September 8, 2007

High-Tea , Circle Restaurant , Le Meridien

Another Party Session.... hahahahhaa

This time we all Put on RED as Theme of the month..."September".. haha, Wear Red to paint the town Red! YU HooO!

Some Highlight of this ICe-Cream. The staffs told us the ICe-Cream Supplier is from "VEDA-BLU" No wonder la , all my CollQ said veryyyyyy NIce....

Hey, I love this Glass of Teh-Tarik! Very SmooOoth....

HAh! This Salt & Pepper very cute leh

We order cake from "Promenade HoteL"

Why I think Le-Meridien Excellency in their Services...
  1. The Cafe Manager immediately offer to fridge our cake which we brought from outside
  2. They sing birthday song along with us
  3. They even help us to cut the cake & place it nicely on a dessert plate.
  4. They assist to 'ta-pao' our promenade's cake in a sturdy container, & put in a nice Le-Meridien printed Paper baG! wey! We all very impressed leh...... They actually dont mind we bring-in Competitor Hotel's food!!


Creamster said...

wow .... I'm impressed too! And I don't think our Cafe Promenade's staff will be that 'seng muk'! haizzz .... this is what I called Customer Retention!

ekeng said...

Wow..Just RM35 per pax..still got promotion or not?

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