Wednesday, July 4, 2007

CoCo-Joe's , STAR

This Bouquet of roses means a lot o me . My very first flower to someone who is dearly beloved. Anyways, to keep it Fresh, I let it sit in my room with full blast of aircOn~ HHAhahahha before give it to LiAngMaMA~

Afterall, went to CocoBeach with numbnuts!

* Ice-Cream* loveRs!!! Here they only serve Häagen-Dazs ice cream. thAT's why their ice-cream is always that Tip Tops one!
Mamma Mia : I think it's a tiramisu ice-cream

Asian Delight: what a Divine! HHAhahhaha, Too good =p~ green tea ice cream with another vanilla Scoope? I like the Shell-Shaped Glass! Ahhahah a


Creamster said...

The Tiramisu Ice Cream looks really nice ... i want to try nx time!

By the way, thanks for the lovely flower to my Liangmama ... she loves it a lot!

Denise said...

haha, most impt is she happy lA~
Yeah the ice cream is nice, cuz itu fan tung take the tiramisu one, but slowly when u finished the full cup, u found it's too sweet oredi! AHHAHaha, but it's nice!

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