Thursday, August 2, 2007

Lunch BreAk

We are at Bilal's again! HAhahhaha =p~

When i m taking this pic, Renu was asking" why is your finger showing [ V ] " " Oh.. it means YAY!!!! i got my FOod! " HAHAHhaha =p~
my CollQ ~ ChriStiN

my New Bag... ( Behind ).. I bid it from Ebay! hahaha =p


Creamster said...

Nice bag ... very unique! How much is it (including postage)?

Denise said...

RM 112 =p
I'm Broke..............

I will buy one for you (ur bday) , perhaps NEXT YEAR ..... HAHahha =p~

Creamster said...

wahh ... that's expensive!

ThE st0ry beHinD the ShELL

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