Saturday, August 4, 2007

Dinner ! ! at Penampang

Hah, most kk ppl would know about this place de la... but i just got the idea to re-vist this restaurant from Terri's mum blog
GInger Onion Clam. $18 [ note: i suppose to order "Jiong Pei Lou " (cantonese)la..., but no stock]

Mongolian Pork Rib $12 ---> my purpose of been here is to eat th is!! this is really NICE!! deep fried pork, with butter creamy sauce, a bit tangy .. SO nice ooO. !!!

FishMaw Soup $10

Vege $10 i expect a BIG prawn bah..mana tau, come out cucu one..

HotPot Tofu $8

Basically, this place is Cheap la for me.. or, may be because i didnt order seafood bah.. that's why...

After our Dinner.... we went to Warisan Sq... at this Olde Station for Dessert! AHha Ops!

Wa.... i always always love their Ice-Air Bunga... very Chilling onee

Someone told me their roti kahwin is really nice, but, for me... so so only la

Sis's ice cream froom next dooR.

Anyways, mum love this place a lot, that's why i brought her here...; :)

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