Sunday, July 29, 2007

A BIG FAT SUNDAY....... sinful day....

Every Weekend is a Guilty Day for me... hHahaha... have a look of what I have eaten the whole "MORNING" did i just say Morning only :? yeah.... the following food are for MORNING SESSION only ah!! hahahhaa ... i hate myself.. so uncontrollable ...
Mee Hoon Soup at " MAN TAI", Gaya Street. yummy leh!!
Then me & mum go to Wisma Merdeka while waiting for Dad in his office.... feel bored.. so jump to KFC eat Wedges =p
THen Dad brought us to Foh Sang eat the BEST CHICKEN RICE in KK A H .. everyone local know the place!! u have to queue up for a plate of rice =p ... in fact, their roasted chicken, pork, char xiu are very very very nice... with their thick sauce + frangant Rice boiled with ginger + chicken Broth... full of flavour lah.... =p

THen... AFternoon i eat " ORANGE BUTTER CAKE" (baked by JaneSHiAk) with my Teh-O... .. until i feeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel so guilty!!! ended up i eat GREEN SALAD for DINNER while my family went out for dinner....Sobs SObs..... due to too HEAVY in DAY-TIME

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