Saturday, July 21, 2007

Porky Day.... ( Kam Tong , Warisan Square)

hahaha... We decided Today, Saturday, The Porky Day, and must put on Pink Shirt =p the colour of oINk OinK~ Hhahahha =p ~

Pork Rice with Egg..

Mee Hoon Soup with Roasted Pork & Duck

HK style Pork Chop Burger ! nice! i ate this one! HAhahah =p`

Yuen-Yong.... (Tea + Coffee)

Coffee + Coke ?

I m sooo fascinated with this Drink! The name really well-described The Drink oh! "Iced SUNrise Drink" u see... the yellow ball in my drink is actually an eggYolk lah... Deli!!!!! i m like drinking eggyolk iced =p~ hahahahhaha...scary... but overall the taste quite nice, cuz the golden colour base is actually a lemonade syrup!

Pink Pink Pink!!! HAhahahah =p~

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