Saturday, July 21, 2007

Baby Fullmoon Dinner , Equotorial Restaurant.

Attended Li man's lovely daughter's fullmoon dinner. Coulnt take a pic of the baby, anyway, only can spot from far! Hahahah a=p

This is the MUM. hAhahha, the white shirt guy at the back is the DAD.

Our Ex-ADOS. my very crazy boss. Hhahahha... I will always always remember your "2Cm", "HouseFly", "Throw-U" jokes. Ahahha.. cilaka him, he said " Wah denise you must be very Happy with your current job, look at u, ur cheek so 'round' oredi... SIAL!!!!!!!!!! (-_-"")


THe soup is quite nice lah, the green green moss thingy is Brocolli in fact. not bad lah, taste like fish maw soup

Marinated Chicken with Ham, Mushroom, Ham. YuMMmMmy

THis is a unique dish that i had it first time in my life o =p Duck stuffed with glutinous rice. somethng like duck stuffed with rice dumpling =p hahahah , cuz the glutinous rice is cooked with meat and other ingredients too. I want to order this for my next visit. Highly Recommended!

Deep Fried Pork, one of their signature dish. nice.. SOoo Nice until Adrienne couldnt resist even on the BONES =p hahaha

Mayo Prawns + yam ring..
Steamed Lo Pak Choi + Dried ScalloP

Fried Mee Sua (Thin-mee)...looks like mee hoon rite.. hahah, but quite nice


Having great time last nite.. got to meet up with my ex-CollQz, whom i missed them dearly.. soBs Sobs.. and of cuz got to eat good food lah =p

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