Saturday, July 21, 2007

Four Seasons, (next to Coffee Bean Damai)

Everyday I m passing by this restaurant, for soo many years already o! I got so fed up! HAhaha, so just give a try to have dinner at this "Four Seasons" Japanese Restaurant. hehe.. hey, not bad leh.. i m quite picky in terms of Japanese food , in fact, in turn out to be quite nice!! yu hOo! I will definitely come back agAin!!

Unagi~ hehehe nice..

Apparently they do serve some "western" food though! Dad & sis ordered this Pasta Chicken with Mushroom sauce. Dad says the Mushroom sauce are soOOo creamy & full of flavour wor..

Mum's Jap Fried Chicken. * This mum of mine ah, she is very oriental one.. when she sees the Mayonise, she was asking me, Ah Tng, how to get rid of the mayonise ah? ==p I suppose that's the best thing to eat with the chicken !!

Sis's Katsudon ..

This TooThPick very cute o ahhahaha

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