Thursday, July 26, 2007

me = short hair

I fed up with my hair for 3 yrs plus oredi, by keeping it long .... so malas mau take care of it .. hahaha, i have given up!! i decided to cut it short . hehehe and i received such comment which i never expected!!! " wahhh denise, you look taller already booh " Deli!!!!!!!!!HAWLO! eventhough i m botak, i still maintain at 148 cm height ok =p hahahahahahha kit sei ngo!! they should have said I look " EVEN " more ChARming than saying I TINGGI oredi lah... they said finally see my ' NECK "! OMG!! AHhahahahha... since when i m neckless like somebody ar~~ hahahahhaha... funnie oh!
some food.... hahahaha

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