Tuesday, July 24, 2007

SuppeR at MoSaic

Damn Le Meridien! what a starwood range, 5-Star hotel, dont even serve proper ice-cream in their menu! just by selling single scoope which i can simply get it from even Giant Supermarket =p e!! lousy! ended up we detour to Mosaic ~
Grilled Sandwich! hahaha, all bcuz of nut! I' m eating sandwiches at 9:30 pm AH!!!! somemore i already had my Dinner!

* Brownie Tower * ... u got to pick any 2 choices of your ice cream. So I choose Blueberry + peppermint!... " Does both combination go well with Brownie ?!?!?!" nut asked. I laser him with my furious eyes! =p " Oh Ok ok.. as u like " he replied.
HAhaha, BODOH de! impossible i came here for plain vanilla ice cream mah! BODOH! what a NUT!

Snapshot of the Bar.....

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